Chinese listings site adds focus on retiring in Canada


The leading property listings website for Chinese consumers has added a new channel focused on those who want to retire abroad., which reaches more than 3 million Chinese consumers each month has launched its Retirement and Lifestyle Channel to provide information and real estate listings for retirement properties and communities internationally.

“The countries that are most popular for Chinese retirees are the US, Canada, and Australia,” explains CEO and Director Carrie Law. “Most older Chinese want to live near their children and grandchildren, and these are the countries with the largest Chinese immigrant populations.”

As well as family, Law says that Chinese seniors are drawn to those countries that have affordability, good medical care, and an attractive lifestyle.

The site’s new channel’s popular articles include news of a Canadian proposal to curtail birthright citizenship, and a listing for a 5-bedroom oceanfront mansion in the California city of Newport Beach.

Big markets for big spenders
Law says the market for Chinese retirees is vast.

“Within 11 years, there will be 340 million Chinese aged 60 or above. That’s more than the present population of the entire United States. We know that most people begin planning and investing for retirement in their 40s and 50s,” she says.

Across all demographics and property type, estimates that Chinese buyers spent U$123.9 billion on global real estate.

These 10 countries are the best for retirement. Is yours part of the list? 

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