Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Can Social Media Sell Real Estate? Yes, It Can

Can Social Media Sell Real Estate? Yes, It Can

When you think of social media, you probably think first of the casual way you use it on a day to day basis. You probably access Facebook sometime early in the day, to see what your friends and family are up to. Many people also use platforms like Instagram and Twitter for their own personal interests. But what about for business? As a real estate agent, can you take advantage of the reach of social media to help you sell properties? For many agents, the answer turns out to be yes.

You Never Know

In the modern world, you never know where your online content will be found. Even if you think you have a good handle on your online marketing efforts, it can pay off to be present in as many places as possible. That includes staying active on social media with posts about your latest listings and stories. It may be that many of your posts never turn into much of anything as far as leads are concerned – however, if one or two do wind up leading to a sale, the effort will have been worth it in the end.

Think Hashtags

Using hashtags to draw attention to your real estate listings is a quick and easy trick. Since selling real estate means selling a property which occupies a physical location, you’ll want to put your post in front of the eyes of people who live near that area. Using the right hashtags to make sure your content is included when people search for locations is important. Do a little bit of research to uncover popular local hashtags and put them to use when appropriate.

Efficient Use of Time

One of the best things about incorporating the use of social media as a real estate agent is the nice return on your time that you get when posting regularly. Simply put, it doesn’t take much time to put up a post about a new listing. In fact, if you already use social media for personal purposes, you can probably put up a post in just minutes – while using your phone as opposed to a computer. Once you get into the habit of posting for business, your process will become streamlined and it will only take moments. Anything you can do which requires so little time while still offering such a significant potential return is a smart move.

A Relationship Business

It’s not breaking news that real estate is an industry built on relationships. You need to have good relationships with a wide variety of clients, as well as others who influence the industry, such as other agents, lenders, builders, etc. The more connections you can make, the more likely it is that your real estate career will keep moving in the right direction. And, in the 21st century, social media is where many relationships begin. Stay active in the social media world and give yourself a chance to connect with those who can help you grow.

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Top Three Reasons We Join social Networking Sites

1. Identity

The number one reason why people or business join a social network is identity. It’s to showcase who they are and what their business represents. We join social networks because it says something about us.

2. Connections

The number two reason why people join social networking sites is to connect with others. They want to build relationships and extend their social media reach, with established networks you can tap into resources and connections that already have been established.

3. Community

The number three reason why people join social networking sites is community.

Establishing Identity

For business, nonprofits and organizations, it’s important to remember that people join social networking sites to showcase their identity first, build relationships second and then belong to the community. 
When people like a page on Facebook, answer something on Victoria Real Estate, recommend someone on our Blog or tweet something on Twitter, they do those things because of community and of their identity. It is important to tell you story and get your brand online, what a better way to partner and network with established platforms, if it be organic or paid to get the process started.

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