Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Letters, Sept. 17: 'Fake' NDP property taxes are 'really fines for owning existing property'

The provincial government proposes to introduce two fake taxes, respectively called the school tax and the speculation tax. These are really fines for owning existing property, to which there is no appeal.
For some local families, the house is the family asset, built up after years of paying property taxes and mortgages. Even a deferral of the school tax affects the resources ultimately available to the next generation to enable them to live in Vancouver.
The speculation tax title makes it sound desirable since we clearly don’t want speculators distorting the condo market. But Canadians plan ahead when they intend to downsize to a smaller property. Others try to renovate one property and need to live in another. But this government just needs an excuse to tax citizens who plan ahead. There is no avenue of appeal. Everyone is regarded as a speculator.
In contrast, the 20-per-cent tax on future foreign buyers leaves the decision to buy in their hands. They can choose to go elsewhere with no penalty.
I am surprised that the Green party supports this legislation. I thought they had higher standards of integrity.
David Williams, Vancouver

Chinese treated with suspicion

Re: Vancouver has double standard, letter, Sept. 11.
How true is what Wes Fung said about a “double standard” in his recent letter. It’s all in people’s heads, like “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”
In the old days, when Chinese came to Canada to work as railway builders or miners or in low-income, dirty jobs that no white man wanted to do, they were despised and called names and restricted to certain areas, where they could work and live. That is when and why Chinatowns were created.
Now, when some Chinese brought money here to buy or build big houses in the British Properties or Shaughnessy, they were suspiciously considered laundering their money to invest in those properties.
It seems there’s a no win-win situation here.
Kelly Ip, Vancouver

There is a problem

Those who see racism in those who oppose so-called monster homes should consider the number of them being built today, how much farmland is being used, and count the number of people in each house.
And how many of those people in the monster house are actually contributing income taxes to keep our wonderful Canada running? Are they integrating into Canadian society, or sticking to themselves and creating divisions?
Christine Krahn, Kelowna

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