Saturday, August 11, 2018

Prora-Investor Announces bankruptcy - Interesing article and IF YOU ever wondered what Adolf Hitler’s idea of a fabulous holiday was, this bleak, hulking monolith was it.

We thought that we share a article on a development that we had the fortune to visit and not many are aware of, we left links below for further details and information.

IF YOU ever wondered what Adolf Hitler’s idea of a fabulous holiday was, this bleak, hulking monolith was it.

Prora, a seaside mega-resort on the east German island of Rugen, was intended as a place for Nazi holiday-makers to have fun and relax — while being indoctrinated and prepared for war.

Hitler had big dreams for the resort but the outbreak of World War II aborted its development and the empty buildings were mothballed, later becoming one of the largest Nazi relics left in Germany.

Now, the complex is being transformed into a luxury tourist destination — and a pretty controversial one at that.

The owner of Block 1 of the huge Proraer building complex at Binz on the island of Rügen has filed for bankruptcy. The application for the opening of the insolvency proceedings of the living in Prora Asset Management GmbH & Co. KG was announced by the District Court Berlin-Charlottenburg. First, the Baltic newspaper had reported about it.

Managing Director Iris Hegerich was not to be reached at first on Tuesday. Your company wanted to renovate the approximately 450 meter long building part and build 280 condos. According to the report of the Baltic newspaper, the work has already been completed at 90 percent and almost all of the flats have been sold. Nevertheless, the bank loan for the company had not been extended. As the project should go on, it was also unclear at first.

In Prora, the Nazis built a gigantic, 4.5 kilometre long block of houses as ' KdF-seaside resort '. Four of the five blocks have been sold to investors in past years. For the last block, the decision will be made in October on who will be awarded the contract by two bidders.

The Prora complex has eight identical, stark buildings, stretching about 4.8km down the picturesque beach of Rugen Island in the Baltic Sea.

Each room was to have waterfront views, two beds, a wardrobe and a sink, with shared bathrooms on every floor.

These basic, functional rooms were intended to offer every German worker holiday time on the beach, regardless of their class or income. It was part of the vision of the Third Reich’s Kraft durch Freude (“Strength Through Joy”) leisure program, which was designed to make middle-class leisure available to the working class.

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