Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Canadian cities among world’s 10 ‘most liveable’

The annual report on the world’s most liveable cities has been published and there’s a new number one.

Austrian capital Vienna has surpassed Melbourne, Australia, in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s rankings; Melbourne had been at the top of the list for 7 years.

The survey of 140 cities ranks them against 30 metrics in 5 categories: stability, healthcare, culture environment, education and infrastructure. They are ranked against each other, so changes in ranking do not necessarily mean a city has lost or gained its livability.

3 Canadian cities make the top 10
Three of Canada’s cities have made this year’s top 10 rankings and are the only cities in North America to do so.

Calgary is 4th behind Vienna, Melbourne, and Osaka. The city scores maximum points for stability, healthcare, education, and infrastructure, but falls short (90/100) on culture & environment.

Vancouver is 6th, behind Sydney, and scores the maximum 100 points for healthcare, culture & environment, and education. It scores 95 for stability and 92.9 for infrastructure.

Toronto is just behind Vancouver but scores the maximum for stability, along with healthcare and education. Its weaker scores are for culture & environment, and infrastructure.

The top 10 is completed by Tokyo, Copenhagen, and Adelaide.

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