NDP doesn’t understand - Feedback from the TC

Re: “Everyone loses with B.C.’s real-estate speculation tax,” comment, April 22.

Ken Mariash’s article is 100 per cent correct. NDP government bureaucrats who are proposing this speculation tax do not have the slightest clue about real-estate entrepreneurs and investors who take enormous financial risks each and every day until their project is completed.

They must have a vision, purchase the land, get financing, pay for building permits (which provides work for the many city hall 9-5 workers), pay the men and women who provide labour on the projects, land surveyors, architects, engineers, electricians, plumbers, kitchen manufacturers, flooring manufacturers and installers, glass manufacturers, window installers, concrete manufacturers, interior designers, just to mention a few.

The NDP government’s speculation tax will bring an abrupt end to all of these trades that work on and in construction. Please remember the NDP under Glen Clark that utterly destroyed the B.C. economy in 1999 (the fast ferries). I suppose the voters in B.C. must just have very short memories.

Perhaps just too much weed.

Lorna Denning