Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Better safeguards, compensation coming for B.C. trailer park residents

Province plans to make it harder to evict residents

B.C. wants to make it harder to evict trailer park residents and give them more protection from redevelopment.

Under proposed legislative changes, the government would also strengthen protections for owners of manufactured homes by increasing the compensation they would receive if their trailer park closes or they are forced out.

Landlords would have to compensate former residents if they are displaced by a planned redevelopment that doesn't proceed, and pay additional compensation if a manufactured home can't be relocated.

Disposal costs would also be waived for any tenant who can't relocate their trailer, and a 12-month notice period would be needed to end a tenancy.

The government says the legislation will be introduced later this month.

Premier John Horgan says people deserve to feel safe and secure in their housing.

"For too long, manufactured home owners have faced uncertainty due to rising land values and redevelopment, and they have not had adequate protections when evicted," he said Tuesday in a news release.

"No one should have to face financial ruin or potential homelessness when facing eviction from a manufactured home park."

The B.C. government says current compensation doesn't cover a tenant's moving costs, or the loss of equity and affordability when they can't find a new pad for their trailer.

"The proposed amendments will assist displaced tenants to move their home to another site, if possible, and compensate them for the loss of their home if they are unable to move it," the government says in the release.

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