Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Boost Your Facebook Post Engagement Using These 7 Tricks

Everyone does Facebook marketing. I have seen brands which do it well and brands that suck at it. Many of them have awesome content but do not know how to direct engagement towards it. Once you are familiar with Facebook, it is important to understand how you can get the right engagement for your content. Here are seven tricks to get you started.

Use Visual Content: Images, Videos, and Infographics

Facebook has been trying and experimenting with visual content on its platform. In a crowded newsfeed, users out of habit just keep scrolling through its content. You need to make your content interesting enough to make your user stop and take notice. Visual content is the key to this.

Invest in creating visual content. It is the future of content marketing. According to Hubspot, video content will represent 74% of all internet traffic by 2017. The same report also mentioned that Facebook users spent 3X more time watching Live videos compared to traditional ones. These stats should act as a catalyst for you to start taking visual content seriously.

Few Tips For Visual Content

  • If you are a startup, you may not have enough budget to generate visual content. Try platforms like Fiverr or People Per Hour. Hire experts to help you create your content. You could get decent explainer videos done for low prices.
  • Convert your long form articles to infographics. Use Canva, Piktochart, or Venngage to get cracking on these infographics. You’ll no longer have to depend on a designer to help you out. These tools are quite simple to use. They have quite a few templates to choose from which saves a lot of time.

Understand When To Post For Engagement

Your audience is not always active on Facebook. There are certain periods during the day that they spend on Facebook. You need to identify these time slots and post your content during those times. If you are a brand that’s managing a few Facebook pages, you can use Facebook Insights to get these times. It becomes very difficult for agencies handling multiple Facebook pages for different clients. Social media tools for agencies can help them with the best times to publish. These tools can help you schedule and publish based on when your audience is most active. Analyze and publish content at the right times to channel engagement to your content.

Number Of Posts Per Day

Going by the thumb rule on Facebook, posting twice is optimal and gives you good engagement. The argument here is that if you post with a higher frequency, Facebook users may consider you to be spammy. Let us look at it in another way. Facebook has an algorithmic timeline. If I’m interested in sports, my Facebook feed will curate content from sports-related publications.
I would like to see and engage with more content related to sports on my timeline. If you are a sports publication, you need to ensure that you are keeping me engaged with your content. Two posts per day won’t cut it. Brands on Facebook need to understand what their optimal frequency of posting should be. Experiment with different frequencies till the law of diminishing returns takes effect. To short this entire process, simple check what your competitors are doing. Understand their strategy and execute the same to get the desired results.

Be Interactive In Your Posts

Don’t let your posts sound like FYI. Craft posts to engage your viewers in a conversation. How can you do that? Ask questions. Go with posts where your audience can voice their opinion. Doing this consistently will improve your engagement scores. Periodically conduct quizzes through your Facebook page. Use Playbuzz to make it interactive and fun.

Share Posts Of Your Audience

Brands need to do this more often. Check for interesting comments or user experiences. Post them on your official Facebook page and tag the user. You will obviously get the user’s attention with this. But, this has a much bigger benefit. The user’s friends too will start to see this post in their timeline. They will start interacting and sharing it. Your user’s time in the sun increases with this simple hack. Try this to get loyal fans associated with your brand.

Boost Posts For More Visibility

Facebook allows you to amplify the reach of your posts. If your post is doing well organically, it is prudent to invest in increasing its reach. This way, your content reaches more users and increases engagement. If the content is really good, it can go viral too. Boosting a post can be done even by startups. You can start a modest campaign for $10 and see the results. If the results are promising, increase your budget.

Consistency Is Key

Keep posting interesting content on your Facebook page. It is important to constantly be in touch with your readers. It happens usually with startups that they suddenly run out of content to publish. You don’t have to fret. Just share content that did well previously. Use themes like ‘Throwback Thursday’ and ‘Monday Blues’ to your advantage. This is an interesting way to buy you some time till fresh content comes up.

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