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When will the Vancouver real estate bubble burst, if at all?

Last week, Vancouver received a top 10 ranking in a global assessment of the worst real estate housing bubbles in the world. This, along with other bad omens and the troubling course of the housing market generally has many housing market watchers wondering if Vancouver is on course for a catastrophic housing correction. However, other sources say Vancouver itself actually seems to be in a better condition than previous years, and in a better place than other Canadian cities. It seems Vancouver is currently in a questionable spot. While many institutions are warning of a cooling off or downturn in the Canadian housing market, whether this comes as a gradual decrease, a bubble pop remains to be seen. Overall, it isn't all bad news for Vancouver, though the outcome is far from settled. In this article, we will look at some of the good news and some of the bad news for Vancouver's housing market. The bad news for Vancouver For those paying attention to the Vancouver housing market

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