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Comment: Eby's proposed strata changes will raise costs and create problems

  Premier David Eby's decision to remove rental restrictions on condominiums will inevitably raise condo prices and make home ownership even harder, Cindy Cox writes. DARREN STONE, TIMES COLONIST A commentary by a Victoria resident. We are being told that our lives must change! Premier David Eby has decided that to increase housing availability, he will decide how we all live in our homes. He is going to make those of us who live in non-rental condo buildings allow rentals. Debate in the house was shut down, and if he will not listen to the opposition then he probably will not listen to the public, either. However, I cannot stay quiet when my very way of living is being dictated to me. My husband and I were both born and raised in Victoria. In 2004 my husband was told by his employer, the B.C. government, that he could accept a job elsewhere, or quit and lose his pension. Our only choice was to move. We returned to Victoria on his retirement in 2011, but by then had been priced out

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